Rules for using forecasts

How can I obtain the data for the purposes of legal proceedings (e.g. in an action for damages)?

The results presented on are forecasts and may differ from the actual weather conditions. In particular, forecasts should not be used in evidence proceedings.

How to obtain forecasts for research purposes?

Downloading forecasts is possible via the API. If in doubt, please contact us at

Can I sell ICM forecasts?


The mobile phone app has stopped working!

Please contact the author of the app.

Do you have your own forecast app for mobile phones?

Yes. The app is available on GooglePlay/AppStore/WindowsStore under the name Meteo ICM - prognoza pogody. Please report apps using ICM UW forecasts in a way that does not comply with the Terms and Conditions.

Can I decompile (write in numerical form) forecast values from meteorograms?

Yes, but for personal non-commercial use only. Any further dissemination, even free of charge, requires our written consent. By further dissemination, we also mean the creation of own weather applications on the basis of this data.

Can I create smartphone apps using the ICM forecast?

Yes, in compliance with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions. For the purposes of mobile apps, we suggest using the API service.

Can I post a comment from the synoptician?

Yes, as long as the note "This comment comes from the free service, operated by ICM, University of Warsaw" is included.

Can advertisements be placed on a page that displays the ICM meteorogram?


My site is designed for devices with a small screen and I can't fit anything but the meteogram itself (no key, header, etc). Is this allowed?

Yes, provided there is a clear button/link on this page opening a page with information about the source of the forecast (about the source of the forecast: see question above).

Can I link to the home page on my website?


Legal disclaimers

The basic documents describing the rules of using the ICM UW services are the Terms and Conditions and the API data provision Terms and Conditions. The answers below are for guidance only and, where there is any doubt, the wording of the Regulations should prevail.

Do you have a version of your website for mobile devices?

Yes, at

What should be included in the forecast source information?

"The forecast has been made available free of charge by the service run by ICM, University of Warsaw". In the case of forecasts from the UM model, additionally "Results were obtained using Met Office software." The information should be clear and legible.

Can meteograms be placed on websites?

ICM forecasts may be used on websites provided that no advertising is inserted. The source of the forecasts should always be stated, according to the rules in this section.

Can I link to the home page on my website?


Can I use ICM forecast data for research and development work?

When planning work related to the use of meteorological forecasts from ICM UW, please contact us at in order to establish the rules of cooperation and provision of access to data. For research and R&D projects, please contact us at the application stage in order to estimate the work needed to prepare such data, include the tasks of the ICM UW team in the schedule of such a project and formalise the cooperation. For non-project related work (e.g. thesis), we provide data on the condition that this does not involve significant work on the part of the team. In order to gain access, a letter is required stating the title of the thesis, the unit and the promoter. In most cases, you will be able to use for free after submitting a scanned official letter to Data (both raw and processed) from the UM model may not be used for commercial purposes and may not be placed on sites containing advertising without additional written agreement.

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