Meteo’s solutions for businesses and institutions are based on over 20 years of experience in precise modelling of numerical weather predictions in Central Europe.

In everyday calculations, we use the infrastructure of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling of the University of Warsaw (ICM UW) and the prognostic model of Great Britain’s meteorological service – the Met Office.

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What makes us stand out?

  • We update forecasts four times a day
  • Precise forecasting with a grid resolution of up to 1.5 km
  • Continuous analysis of over 150 weather parameters
  • Forecasts of winds at various heights
  • Time resolution of 15 minutes

The highest quality of forecasts
We provide precise weather predictions in high resolution – up to 1.5 km – with time resolution. We analyse over 150 parameters, including detailed information related to the topography of a given location. Meteo’s algorithms are based not only on the Met Office’s numerical data, but also take into account historical forecasts (from over 20 years of operations) with actual readings from meteorological stations.

Flexible cooperation
Before commencing cooperation, we always first clarify your requirements. This includes a technological audit, during which we identify your needs, choose the optimal tools, and agree on the scope of parameters being analysed, the frequency of data updates, the resolution in the grid covered by the forecast, as well as the methods by which the numerical data are to be provided. This allows the client to automate the processing of the data provided.

Comprehensive support
During our cooperation, we’ll strive to provide the necessary substantive and ICT support. Our goal is to not only deliver forecasts, but also to improve their quality by working with the client, in particular, by inferencing from feedback and actual readings of meteorological conditions at specific locations. We also provide consultations in this area.

Convenient use
We provide different options for the distribution of forecasts so as to optimise or fully automate the processing of data for the client. Keeping with the highest security standards, we send data to dedicated FTP/FTPS servers, via e-mail or using our own flexible APIs. To service warnings/alerts, we also launch SMS notifications.

Security and stability
Meteo’s services take advantage of the potential of ICM – which is the leading University of Warsaw data science centre in Central Europe – whose high-performance computers are used for advanced calculations and to run innovative projects facilitating the development of science, organisations and institutions. Our own computing infrastructure and our experienced team guarantee ongoing access to services, stability and short response times to any notifications.

Access to historical data
We have historical data from previous years, which for many clients are a valuable source of information about the weather conditions in a given location and about the observed trends. Therefore, one of our areas of cooperation is providing access to archival data in the scope specified by the client.

Offer for businesses, institutions and organisations

We provide numerical point and regional forecasts as per the assumptions agreed with the client. Define:

  • the scope of the parameters,
  • the frequency of forecast refreshing,
  • the data delivery method (e-mail, uploading to a server, API).

We give you ready data sets as batch files for further processing using your ICT systems.

Whatever what your company does
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Why should you work with

  • If your business depends on weather conditions, our forecasts will allow you to better manage your organisational processes, eliminate meteorological risk factors, and increase the profitability of your activities.
  • We send alerts that enable you to prepare for dangerous and in many instances difficult-to-predict weather phenomena.
  • You’ll have access to precise predictions of many weather parameters updated as often as every 15 minutes.
  • As part of our cooperation, you can receive support in the form of synoptic consulting.
  • We’ll provide you with access to archival historical data from numerical weather predictions.
  • You can work with us in the science field – as a research team, we actively participate in R&D works and research.


We operate at the University of Warsaw is a spin-off of the University of Warsaw taking advantage of the experience of ICM UW going all the way back to 1994. Today, we’re the only centre in this part of Europe that’s forecasting the weather based on the effective Met Office model (UM – Unified Model) and the only entity that collaborates so closely on scientific grounds with a renowned university. Our specialists implement R&D projects and actively participate in validating the UM model in this part of the world, where weather forecasting is relatively difficult due to the geographic conditions. Thanks to our close cooperation with the University of Warsaw, we’re able to utilise the results of scientific work in business.